Engage in a robust training experience to embrace and promote positive psychology (PPsy). Through immersion in scientifically validated material and techniques, you can adopt a mindset of positivity. You will delve into resources and techniques allowing you to confidently combat negativity - to embody and advance applied positive psychology within your community (family, friends, peers, colleagues, patients, students, clients...). Create a joyous ripple effect as you focus your energy and efforts to bring positive psychology to LIFE and THRIVE as a PPsyA. 

Our PPsyA training is offered in three formats:

  1. In-person training workshops in metro Atlanta, GA & Jacksonville, FL. More locations coming soon.
  2. Virtual training workshop via user friendly web conferencing. Includes three, 60 minute pre-scheduled sessions. Note: For maximum student~instructor engagement, no more than 5 students will be scheduled in each of the three sessions that make up this workshop.
  3. Live, work based group workshops hosted at your organization.


  • August 29, 2015, In-person Workshop: 9am to noon  [Closed & Completed]
  • September 26, 2015, In-person Workshop: 9am to noon  [Closed and Completed]
  • December 15-17, 2015, Virtual Workshop  [Closed & Completed]
  • May 27-29, 2016, Virtual Workshop  [Closed & Completed]
  • September 2016, In-person Workshop   [Closed & Completed]
  • December 28-29, 2016, Virtual Workshop [Closed & Completed]
  • Winter 2016-2017, In-person Workshop [Closed & Completed]
  • Spring 2017, Virtual Workshop [Closed & Completed]
  • Spring 2017, In-person Workshop [Closed & Completed]
  • Summer 2017, In-person Workshop [Closed & Completed]
  • Fall 2017, In-person Workshop [Closed & Completed]
  • Winter 2017-'18, In-person Workshop [Closed & Completed]
  • February 2018, In-person Workshop in Charleston, SC [Closed & Completed]
  • June 2018, In-person Workshop in Phoenix, AZ [Closed & Completed - in conjunction with NCDA Annual Global Conference in Phoenix, AZ]
  • October 2018, In-person Workshop at Life University in Atlanta, GA [Closed and Completed] 
  • Late Spring 2019 In-person Workshop in Atlanta, GA now forming [Open for Scheduling - Email Your Inquiry]
  • Late Spring 2019 In-person Workshop in Jacksonville, FL now forming [Open for Scheduling - Email Your Inquiry]
  • Ongoing Virtual Workshops  [Open for Scheduling - Email to Inquire]

NOTE:  PPsyA training is accepted for continuing education credits by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE, Inc.) for the for Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential.


Contact us today [use our Contact Page, email: or phone: 404-277-0776] with your questions and to inquire about participating in an upcoming in-person or virtual training session. We look forward to hearing from you!