White Papers

I'm happy to share these original papers, written to inform the public on the benefits of embracing, modeling, and promoting a Positive Psychology (PPsy) mindset in their interactions and pursuits.    --John Long

I. Applying Positive Psychology to Career Coaching and Counseling - A Review of the Literature (July 2015)

J.Long-White Paper-PPsy in Career Coaching & Counseling 07.24.15.pdf

II. Positive Education: Infusing Positive Psychology into the Classroom (July 2015)

J.Long-White Paper on Positive Education 07.23.15.pdf

III. Positive Graduate Education: The Benefits of Infusing Formal Study in Positive Psychology into a Graduate Degree program in Counseling Psychology (July 2015)

J.Long-White Paper.PPsy Studies in a Graduate Degree Program 07.15.15.pdf